Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Get the Luxury & Contentment with an Ease

As we step into the 21st century of modernization, we find ourselves encircled with certain things whose demands are vigorously rising. For instance, while organizing a special occasion some assets have their individual importance like satin bedding right? Silky bedding is a moderate perception that will certainly add a feel of luxury to any room. You can encounter the advantage of immaculate satin bedding much to your liking. You will feel like a motion picture star (or starlet) when you humor yourself in the immaculate silk debauchery of bed sheets and cushion spreads. These are the most special and unforgettable feelings that everyone desires to have.
Further, in a deeper move feel the lush touch of glossy, silky sofa-bed sets. These are among the most upheld sorts of couches in every home. This is because of the smooth and exquisite touch of the fabric. In the event that you have delicate skin, you would definitely feel that high level of solace that these sets bring. When you get the opportunity to rest, you would feel like you are in heaven, lolling in the smooth and delicate feel of the sleek clothes around you. Truth be told, silk has been utilized subsequent to the season of the royals since years.
At this point the vast majority considers indulging in silken bedding. You would love to know that Fabric which is used to develop in prevalence is considered as one of a cotton sort fabric that has a comparative look and successfully gives a feel of relaxation. The benefit of satin is that it is much less expensive compared to silk, but it still retains the luxurious feeling of delicacy and serenity.
Then again, on the off chance if you have silk sets that as of now have involved outlines, then you could go for style that are straightforward in appearance with a catchy outline. So in the event that you craving to feel solace and unwinding, then just have those sublime glossy and silky satin bedding, lingerie, bridal dress sets and lots more serving a decent decision for your every occasion.

Finally, we have great news for you folks out there. We are shortly going to resume taking custom orders for our fine Lingerie Satin Collection Bedding products that will be crafted in the US. While we are in the midst of finalizing the details, we trust this news brings smiles of joy to you all.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A brief description about the bedding collections from Satin Boutique

Satin Boutique has got a great bedding collection for the customers to choose from. You can add a sensual touch to your bedroom with the help of these silk and velvet bedding from Satin Boutique. The bed sheet is made from high quality polyester, spandex and rayon. The fabric is as softer as a baby’s skin and you would get a sensual feeling in the bed. But proper care must be taken while washing such as it must be washed in warm water and no bleach must be used while washing the bed sheet.

The pure silk and the Sonoma Satin collection
Satin Boutique uses the original Satin silk Charmeuse and is the softest material you have every touched. There are a variety of colors to choose from and you can choose the color of your wish. The Sonoma Satin is a perfect polyester satin blend. You would not find any other manufacturer who manufactures this lovely Satin for bedding. There is a slight texture in the cloth and you would feel a great sensation by touching the bed sheet. The bed sheet must be washed very carefully and proper care must be taken while washing and while drying.
The velvet collection
The velvet collection is also great and it uses the super lush velvet polyester Marquis velvet. The mix of the velvet with the satins is also very much unique and luxurious too. But the most important thing is that professional cleaning is needed.
Some instructions for the customers

 Every person while buying a bed sheet hopes that she gets a bed sheet of high quality. Price is not the only thing to see because the costly products may not of good quality. The thread count of the sheets must be noticed by the customers. The thread count of the bed sheet is directly proportional to the comfort that it would provide. The label must also be checked by the buyer before buying the bedding from Satin Boutique. The sheet which does not contain the original label must not be accepted by the customers. The site also has got a adult gallery which is open for the registered adult members or the members who have earlier made some purchase from the website. 

Satin Boutique is the best place to buy lingerie, shoes and bed sheets

Satin boutique has got an excellent and dazzling collection of sensual Bedding, evening gowns, and lovely lingerie. You would get a great collection of pure silks and velvets to choose from.  The mattresses are available in all possible length up to 14 inches and you would not find any other manufacturer who produces such versatile mattresses.

Some details about the lingerie 
No women compromise with comfort to try something new and that is why most women are afraid to go for the new lingerie design because they think that it would not be comfortable. So they go on wearing the same style again and again. But this idea completely proved wrong by the lingerie from Satin boutique. They have got different styles of lingerie which are very much eye catching as well as comfortable too. You would also get lingerie of various quality and cloth such as silk and velvet. So, it is time to add fresh collection to your wardrobe by buying the newest collection of lingerie from the Satin boutique.
The positive points about the dresses from Satin boutique

In earlier days only the women from high class society were able to wear the expensive dresses which are in vogue. But in the recent time every women is showing interest in wearing he trendy dresses and The Satin boutique is having a great collection of the latest fashion. The dresses in Satin Boutique are very much soft, seductive and eye catching. Any woman would simply love them and you can also wear them in formal as well as informal parties. The dresses from Satin Boutique are also very much affordable and the women from the middle class family can also afford the dresses easily. It is a common notion that if a women wears glossy or shinny attire then she would look attractive and this purpose is served very well by the Satin Boutique attires. By wearing the lingerie from Satin Boutique you would look no only attractive but you would also feel confident to grab yours partners attention in the bedroom. All types of lingerie are available that is lingerie for every mood is available in the Satin Boutique.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Satin Attire: Sexy, Sleek & Snug

I have seen many people who have never ventured out of their comfort zone to try something new.They have been just using one style of wears and lingerie for many years.But fortunately you don't have to be stuck in rut, as there are lots of options available now. From incredible satin dresses to silkiest lingerie. It is now time to redefine your wardrobe and find the emerging trends of lounge wear that is comfortable and relaxing. 

Earlier women dresses were considered expensive and women from upper class were the lucky to have them. But now the trend is changing and almost every class of women are showing interest to make their wardrobe, an interesting collection.

Now discover the dresses in satin, as they are soft, comfortable and seductive. Satin dresses for women helps to attain a glamorous look either at formal or informal parties. They allow a wide range of choices for your wardrobe. Any women who wants to look glamorous, develop interest in these dresses. These dresses are affordable and makes a right choice for any women's wardrobe. It is quite natural that women get attention if their attire is shiny and glossy. Satin wears allows you to attain more attention in crowd in comparison to other dresses. 

Where as satin lingerie helps you to unleash the wild fantasy in your bedroom. You not only look sexy when you layer the right kind of lingerie, but you also feel confident and thus grab the full attention of your partner.
Shirley of Hollywood corsets creates all types of lingerie for your every mood. It is for those who wants to enjoy every moment. Either you are happy, romantic, dramatic, it makes your each moment provocative and alluring. Shirley is distinctly different, as it offers wears that makes every moment, every occasion and every night special.

The fantasy play and pleasure game remains limited until you don’t have a perfect atmosphere to love each other. And the erotic and sensual bedding is one of the most key requirement for any bedroom play. The satin bedding adds a silky touch and creates sensual feeling when you are enjoying your moment. This allows you to wrap yourself in a luxury while you are playing wild counterpart with your partner. Each moment you spend can add a sense of pleasure making your every moment, an unforgettable moment.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Best Bedding Collections - An overview of our fine fabrics and workmanship with Laundering instructions.

Satin originated in Zaytoun, China, which is now Canton. It became popular in Europe in the12th century, in Italy in the 13th century and in England in the 14th century. Satin, because of its construction and fiber content, is one of the most luxurious fabrics manufactured. Satin is most often made from low twist, filament yarns. It is usually constructed by floating the warp or lengthwise yarns over four filling or horizontal yarns. The long floats give the fabric luster. Silk is the premiere choice of fiber content for bridal satin fabrics. However, silk satins are more expensive than satins containing acetate or polyester. Satin is found in apparel, lingerie, draperies, drapery lining fabrics and upholstery fabrics. In the present 21st century many of the best satins are a blend of different fibers such as our new Lingerie Satin.

Our Lingerie Satin is an upscale, super soft, elegant charmeuse satin of highest quality. It is a washable polyester, rayon, and spandex blended satin. It consists of the finest woven polyester, rayon. and spandex. It is the softest hand satin available. It can easily pass for the finest pure silk charmesue. Some that work with this fine fabric daily feel that it might be even softer then pure silk. We may be the only ones to use such an expensive true lingerie-grade satin in bedding. We now offer a coordinated collection of lingerie in the same amazing satin. This soft-as-a-baby's-skin satin is delightful against your skin. ~ Laundering instructions ~ Wash separately, Gentle cycle, Warm Water, Mild Detergent, No Bleach, Tumble Dry


Pure Silk Charmeuse bedding when only the finest will do. Silk Charmeuse - the original Satin and still the softest of them all. We offer a huge selection of colors and the finest workmanship. Laundering instructions ~ Professional Cleaning
Sonoma Satin is a delightful crepe, polyester satin blend. An easy-to-care-for washable satin. We might be the only manufacturer to use this lovely satin for bedding. This is the most unique satin we have. It has a slight texture to the eye yet extremely soft to the touch. If you want satin bedding but want something just a little different then Sonoma is for you. ~ Laundering instructions ~ Wash separately, Gentle cycle, Warm Water, Mild Detergent, No Bleach, Tumble Dry

A super lush velvet polyester Marquis Velvet. Makes a wonderful combination with any of our soft satins. The mix of the textures of velvet and any of our satins is most delightful and luxurious. Laundering instructions ~ Professional Cleaning
Super slick Acetate Bridal Satin. Only 100% Acetate has this super slick feeling that is unique to acetate satin. It is our heaviest and slippery satin. Made with an unobtrusive center seam on sheets. Cold water wash and air fluff dry only. Laundering instructions ~ Wash Separately, Cold Water, Gently cycle, Mild Detergent, No Bleach, Air Fluff Dry.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Best Way to buy Quality Bed sheets

It is not that rare that a person purchases a set of sheets for throw away prices only to realize later that the bed sheets are of poor quality. The automatic knee jerk reaction to this is that the next time the same person goes out to buy a bedding sheet, he ends up giving the cheap to mediocre priced bed sheets a wide berth and purchasing the expensive products. However, just because something is expensive does not mean that it is of high quality either. Therefore, effectively, the person purchasing the bed sheets is, basically, relying on his luck to get quality sheets. This is a problem that is very real and quite persistent mainly because most people do not know how to evaluate the quality of bedding. There are affordable quality bedding out there and you can get at them only if you know how to evaluate them. In order to facilitate this, the following is a list of things you should pay attention to if you wish to purchase quality bed sheets.

1. Thread count:

The most important thing that you should focus on for purchasing quality sheets is the thread count of the sheet. The quality of bedding sets and the comfort that they provide is directly proportional to the thread count that they have. In simpler terms, this means that the more the thread count, the better the quality. A thread count of 150 is the average for a quality set of bed sheets while a thread count of 200 means that you are getting a high quality set.

2. Label:

Checking the label should be a basic exercise for you when shopping, regardless of whether you are shopping for bedding or something else. All quality sheets would have a label to go with them and if a set does not have it then you should avoid it altogether. The information listed in the description label is a way for the product to be linked to its manufacturer and if the manufacturer is not confident enough to be linked then you know that the product would be less than satisfactory.

3. Dimensions:

Imagine buying a product that does not fit the purpose that you bought it for. This is a situation that must be avoided. Hence, you should always check the dimensions of the quality bedding, especially if you are purchasing them online.

4. Fabric:

Finally, the fabric of the material will also decide how happy you are with your bed sheets and whether they are truly quality bedding or not. Ideally, for the comfort of the sleeper, you should focus on bed sheets made of cotton. Under the category of cotton, it should be noted that Egyptian cotton is highly regarded mainly because of its durability and quality.
Effectively, in order to purchase a quality bed sheets, you need to focus on things namely the thread count, the information in the label, the dimensions of the bed sheets and the fabric that they are made of.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Show your lover the wicked side of you!

Have you been suppressing the wicked side of you in bed till now simply because you did not get a vent to express it? Well then, here's just what you need - the new collection of sexy lingerie costumes- the wicked lingerie. They would work to outline your curves as distinctly as possible and hide and reveal just enough to intrigue and entice your lover.

To name a few kinds in this collection, there are bustier, corsets, babydolls, chemises, knickers and tights. If you are a little over endowed on your curvy areas, there are these same kinds of wicked lingerie in plus size as well. The best time to start with these wicked lingerie collections would be your wedding night. Wear one of the bridal pieces in the wicked lingerie collection and surprise your lover with that killing wicked side of yours he had never experienced before. Your lover is simply going to love it.

To check out some of the best pieces of hot and wicked lingerie collection and sexy costumes, visit Satin Boutique at